Ansedd Night Stamina

Ansedd Night Stamina

Ansedd Night Stamina protein powder is an effective male enhancement supplement having all natural ingredients. The key ingredient is Tongkat Ali (lingjack), which has many benefits like testosterone booster, enhancing libido, erections and fertility in men.

Ingredients – Tongkat ali extract, Safed Musli, Shilajit, Kesar, Pista, Stevia Leaf extract, whole milk powder, Whey protein concentrate, Soya protein concentrate, Cow colostrum, Maltodextrin, Ginseng extract, Mucuna prurience, Erythritol, Natural flavours.

Pack Size – 200 gm
Price – Rs. 2500/-

Take a mug of lukewarm or cold milk (200ml) add one table spoon of this supplement No need to add sugar.