Diabetes is a condition in which blood-sugar or glucose from our daily food-intake is not properly converted into energy after it reaches the blood. This unconverted sugar remains in our blood which makes the blood-sugar level higher than the normal.

Our body has an organ known as Pancreas having Betacells which secretes Insulin. The function of Insulin is to convert the blood -glucose/sugar into energy by metabolic activities. Malfunction of Pancreases slows down or stops the secretion of insulin resulting in increase of blood sugar known as diabetes.

A Diabetic person feels excessive tiredness, thirst, extreme weight loss, increased hunger, delayed healing of wounds, dry mouth, and leg pain etc. If left undiagnosed, it may lead to Nerve damage, Retinal damage, and Kidney damage.

Persistently high level of blood sugar is said to be causing Heart problems, Blindness, Gangrene, Kidney failure, Neuropathy and Sex problems. Therefore, diabetes is known as a silent killer.

Yes. It has been found effective in managing sugar level in diabetics.

Yes. It is a pure herbal product.

It has extracts of many plants as its ingredients. The main ingredient is Stevioside which is the extract from Plants Stevia. Apart from various ingredients in it, Ansedd Diafree is also fortified with the extractfrom Plant Sauropus Androgynouswhich is commonly known as Plant Multi Vitamin because of the presence of Vitamin A, B, and Cin it.

These plants-extracts present in AnseddDiafree work on the very cause of Diabetes by rejuvenating and reactivating beta cells to secrete insulin properly. It also increases the sensitivity of insulin. As a result, Ansedd Diafree has been found to manage the blood sugar level in diabetics.

Allopathic medicines do not address collateral problems associated with Diabetes such as muscle-pain, shoulder-pain, dullness, irritation, frequent urination, lack of sound sleep, and Inability to walk for longer period at a stretch. Ansedd Diafree addresses even these problems also very effectively.

Yes. It can also be helpful in managing Blood Pressure, Obesity, and Fatigue. It also increases immunity of body.

Yes. Any healthy person can take it to prevent Diabetes. It can also be taken as a general health drink by any healthy person.

Yes. It can be taken along with allopathic medicines.

It varies from person to person and may take from one month to three months to exhibit the results.

No. It is a pure herbal product and does not have any known side effect.