“Our Business is not just about money, products or services. It’s all about people, their health and happiness”

Our lifestyle today has become very hectic and has severely affected our health.

Yes, like all the events that change the course of the world, this too started with a vision in a brilliant brain with a courageous mind. The story behind formation of ANSEDD began way back in 1996 after my beloved father Mr. Hamza Olangad deceased following austere diabetics. Since then, my focus has been onto reason for these ubiquitous diabetics around the society. Astoundingly my research yielded bizarre facts contributing to increased diabetics in the society such as- Ghoulish food habits, Increasing stress levels, rising pollution, lack of sleep and other lifestyle habits and most vitally frenzied usage of sugar content in our diet. Substances in artificial sugar make us diabetic. Hence, myself got to know about Marvel of “Stevia leaves” and its benefits. Research too jagged out “Stevia leaves” as substitute for sugar. We have developed State Of Art Technology for using stevia leaves (extracted from stevia plant) as natural sweetener and refined ANSEDD Dia Free (Nutritional Herbal Syrup) for leading a diabetic free & healthy life.

ANSEDD” was formed with the vision of employing ways preventing diabetics and promoting health using natural resources only. It emphasizes prevention and empowers everyone to take responsibility for their own well-being.

We ANSEDD Helath Global Pvt Ltd would anticipate public to join our movement in making the society a DIABETIC FREE. We believe “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”

Our mission is to make wellness a part of every home. We want to be the most trusted company in scientific healthcare and most admired for our ethics, values and commitment to sustainability.

At the heart of the “ANSEDD” mission is the belief that, good health should be accessible to everyone cost efficient, and we strive to make this possible through our commitment to science-driven healthcare.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

Feel Young! Look Young! Live Young!

Thanks & Best Regards,

Muhammed Asharaf Hamza Olangad
Founder & Managing Director